PARK INOX Armored Standard

Armored, self-contained, easy to install and remote controlled

PARK INOX is a a product designed and manufactured in France and is a reference on the market of remote controlled parking roll bars for harsh access environments and for trucks. The variations on its range of products ensures you to solve any car parking issues. Easy to install, as it needs no power supply to operate, PRIVA PARK combines convenience, reliability and solidity, with its 6-mm steel components that withstand all the strains due to trucks weight.

Powered by 2 12V- batteries, which ensure you a 6 month autonomy, for ten operations per day. PRIVA PARK will be recharged by a removable case located under a 6mm thick hood, which protects the powering system. The removable case includes an electronic control board, the radio receiver, the 12V power cord and a mains supply 230V recharge. The system includes a gas spring to protect the 82-cm high parking roll bar and the entire structure in the event of a frontal impact.

Two-year Guarantee

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  • Roll bar upper footprint : H 880 x L 705 x W 470 mm
  • Roll bar lower footprint : H 90 x L 1030 x W 610 mm
  • Hood height : 90 mm
  • Pack sizes : H 90 x L 1 200 x l 640 mm
  • Total weight : 70 kg
  • Operating time : 8 seconds
  • Guarantee : 2 years parts and labor
  • Serial equipment :
    • 1 remote control 2 channels
    • 1 battery case 12V, with 1 charger and 1 built-in auto-trainable radio receiver
  • compliance with : European Standards / Telecom Standards / CE / IP66 waterproof standards
  • Options : 1 extra remote control with 2/4/6/16 or 24 channels

RMS Equipment was created in 1998 as a subsidiary of RMS Group specialising in energy conversion devices.
Thanks to the experience we have gained in the world of car parking devices, our range of products allows us to meet our customers' most particular demands.
Our requirements include know-how and custom-size to best meet the demands of our clients.
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